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10 Reasons to Move to Alaska

In summer, when the average daytime temperature hovers over 80 degrees, more and more residents of California start thinking about moving to Alaska. Its coolness beckons and charms. Moreover, the numerous legends and myths about this frontier state attract thousands of tourists every year. However, the question of whether it’s worth moving to Alaska for permanent residence or not is rather disputable. It would be a great mistake to consider Alaska as wild and abandon state. There are 10 reasons proving that Alaska is one of the perfect destinations ever.

  1. Job perspectives.

The main reason why people move to Alaska is a new job. In the state, you can find a lot of government positions in the health care, fishing, transportation, mining, and oil industries. An average salary tends to be rather high. However, the 49th state of America isn’t the cheapest one. Because of its remoteness, the region has a higher cost of living.

  1. Climate

It’s a big mistake to think that there is no sun in the Frontier State. In summer, the period of the daytime is extremely long and it may seem that the sun doesn’t set at all. However, winters are really severe in Alaska. Snowfall happens quite often. The temperature may reach 50 degrees below zero.

  1. Nature wonders

The state is known for its natural beauty. The area is often called the edge of the wilderness. It’s a perfect destination for those who like to savor picturesque scenery. There are about 3 million lakes and 3,000 rivers in the area. No matter where you are going to live, there always will be a pond not far from your dwelling. The views of the mountains are breathtaking. You’ll definitely have no lack of location for super selfies.

  1. Adventure land

If you were born with a sense of adventure, you should visit the Last Frontier. There are too many still undiscovered places to visit and too many activities to take part in. Rafting and trekking will satisfy even the most demanding adventurers.

  1. Heart-stopping entertainments

Even the best theme park in Orlando pales in comparison with the available diversity of entertainments. Perhaps, one of the most famous amusement is “Find moose” quest. The locals are fond of observing and hearing glaciers. If you prefer to spend your spare time in a more traditional way, there is no lack of theatres and cinemas in Alaska.

  1. Delicious seafood cuisine

If you are a fan of seafood cuisine, the Frontier State is a real paradise for you. You can eat fresh salmon for breakfast, flaky halibut for dinner and yummy oysters for supper.

  1. The Northern Lights

The majority of people see the fantastic Northern Lights only on the pages of the books or on the screens of their laptops. The residents of Alaska can see this wonder almost every September and March.

  1. The deliberate pace of life

The largest city of the area is Anchorage with a population of 300,000 people. The typical city in Alaska is rather small. The locals know each other. Their lifestyle differs greatly from that in megalopolises in other states. You can enjoy every moment of your life.

  1. A total change of wardrobe.

You need high-quality trainers, comfortable casual suits and warm clothes. You can agree that it’s not a good idea to go climb one of the picks on the heal. Your personal comfort but not the brand is of primary importance. Moving to Alaska is a good reason to refresh your wardrobe.

  1. People

The residents of the Frontier State are amazing. The greatest part of them is friendly, kind-hearted, and ready-to-help personalities.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth moving to Alaska or not. Still, this relocation may become the greatest adventure of your life.

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