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Government & Military Moving

Government And Military Moving Services

There is nothing more important to the professionals at Calstate Moving Company than being able to serve those that have provided immeasurable service to our country. We know our business could not exist without the sacrifices made by our service men, women, and their families as well as the government departments making sure our country moves forward efficiently and effectively.

Military moves are a trying time for everyone involved. Whether it’s the endless lineup of goodbyes and ‘we’ll miss yous,’ or the anxiety of looking for new jobs, schools, doctors, and friends, handling your personal belongings should not add to the stress.

At Calstate Moving Company, we are here to serve you. With every question, concern, and request you have, we are the “yes men” you are looking for. There is no task too big or small that we can’t handle. Military moves are our specialty because you and your belongings deserve unprecedented customer care.

If you are searching for a government relocation service that won’t break an already squeezed budget, look no further. Just as much as you want to ensure your department can continue its operations without burdening the nation’s people, we want to ensure your requests are met beyond your wildest expectations.

We honor all requests for anonymity and security by providing pre-screening of all our employees, the bare necessities in financial documentation, and, most importantly, trustworthiness in all of the requirements we need to fulfill. Moving government equipment should not be a fear ridden task. Operating with values that are parallel to our nation’s constitution, we take government relocations with the utmost seriousness and honor.

Let Calstate Moving Company put your mind at ease and please the country’s leaders. Our promise to you is a relocation experience that looks as if it never happened. Give us a call today! We look forward to working with you.


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