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10 Reasons to Move to Florida

Florida is called the Eden of the South for a reason. The charming atmosphere of the area attracts thousands of tourists and newcomers every year. Still, many people have doubts whether it’s worth uprooting old life and starting to pack suitcases for relocation to Florida. There is a list of 10 reasons why you won’t regret it.

  1. Water activities

How does your ideal vacation look like? The majority of people prefer to spend their spare time lying on the white sand and sunbathing. However, active water rest becomes more and more popular. In Florida, you can easily find an appropriate activity for you. You can choose among windsurfing, parasailing, cave diving, snorkeling, etc. The list is really endless. It’s possible to satisfy even the most demanding person.

  1. Professional sports

Florida has teams that participate in all major league sports. It’s not a problem to find a team to cheer for. The fans of baseball, soccer, and basketball definitely meet people supporting the same team.

  1. Delightful cuisine

The area is a weird mixture of diverse cultures and traditions. It influences the cuisine, too. If you can’t imagine your life without fresh seafood, it’s the perfect place to live in. Many restaurants offer you to savor the catch of the day. If you like traditional American dishes, there is a lot of them in Florida. The locals are especially proud of their Key Lime Pie.

  1. Theme parks

There is no better choice for families with children. Orlando is a home for many different theme parks. You can bring into reality the biggest dream of any child. The only thing to do is to visit Disney World. The adults prefer Universal Orlando Resort.

  1. Weather

You can hardly find a resident of the Sunshine State who needs extra warm clothes. It’s enough to stock T-shirts and short to feel comfortable all year round. In winter, the average temperature is only about 60 degrees above zero.

  1. Beaches

There are 1200 miles of beaches. No beaches charge admission. The most popular beaches on the Atlantic coast are Jacksonville beaches, Daytona and New Smyrna beaches. It’s possible to find pet-friendly locations, too. St. Pete Beach and Naples are the best destinations for those who want to enjoy swimming on the gulf.

  1. Miami

Who has never dreamt to live in Miami? The city with gorgeous beaches and outstanding parties are a magnet for thousands of people. If you move to Florida, it becomes quite possible to spend your weekends in Miami.

  1. Costs of living

There is no income tax in the state. The housing cost is affordable even for the youth. That’s why the area is a good place to start an independent living. Moreover, locals can get discounts for some attractions.

  1. The strong economy and job market

If you have already been thinking about changing the job, it’s a good chance to do it finally. The level of unemployment is lower if compared to the rest states.

  1. Exciting cultural life

The area is considered to be one of the greatest tourists’ destinations in the whole country. Every year, hundreds of different cultural events, musical festivals and concerts take place there.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that Florida is an amazing place with endless opportunities. You have only to pick up the best moving company and start changing your life. There is everything you need in the Daytime State.

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