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Always in Time: The Hippest Places to Move to in America

It’s an indisputable fact that the place we live in influence our lifestyle contributes to the formation of habits, and sometimes even define our mood. That’s why you should carefully choose a new home. Some people prefer conservative cities which exist by strong rules. Others prefer country areas to stay close to nature. However, there is a range of cities which can make your life brighter and more cheerful. If you are looking for a place to move to and live a happy and long life, you should consider the hippest places in America. They are perfect not only for true hipsters but also for everyone who wants to stay in time.

  • Seattle, Washington

It’s the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. It is an amazing amalgam of fascinating skyscrapers and breathtaking natural sceneries. Even the frequent rains are not able to spoil the charming atmosphere of the metropolis. To dive into the variety of public programs and performances, it’s worth visiting the Seattle Art Museum. Moreover, Seattle is one of the most gaming urban areas on the globe. You can play a lot of vintage video games. The next thing that makes the metropolis so cool is excellent coffee and awesome doughnuts. In the evenings, the streets are crowded with smiling youngsters and laughing adults. You can’t but feel young and happy no matter you are 21 or 51.

  • Vancouver, Washington

This area is not only attractive but also affordable for young people. It’s possible to rent or buy a wonderful dwelling with open floor plans and outstanding panoramic views. The cost of living is low. Moreover, it’s not necessary to pay personal income tax if you live and work in Washington. The variety of wineries and tasting rooms are able to make you go crazy. Vancouver is the perfect place to enjoy every moment of your life.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

More than 300 days of sun every year make this spot one of the most desirable destinations for youth. The culture of the region is unique and represents a weird combination of Mexican, Native American, and Spanish traditions. The residents of the area have no time to be bored. One festival follows another. Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta is worth visiting at least once in life!

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is a lovely neighborhood with a vibrant community. There is no shortage of places to go, meet, and be social. One of the main attractions of the locals is visiting numerous food paradise. he night owls appreciate dynamic nightlife. If you like to go out at noon, a wide range of craft brewery scenes are glad to welcome you.

  • Santa Rosa, California

Perhaps, it’s the hippest city in the country. It has all the characteristics needed for comfortable living and resting. Vineyards and wineries are a big part of Santa Rosa. The Apple Blossom Festival attracts thousands of visitors every year. Moreover, it’s one of the favorite festivals of the locals.

In conclusion, it’s worth highlighting that the hippest cities are those where live the happiest and friendly people. That’s why you should not only look for cool dwelling but choose people to love within one community.

Vancouver, Washington