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Cost of Living in Orlando, Florida: What You Should Pay for

When you are planning your moving to another city, the first thing you pay attention to is the cost of living. You could find the super comfortable apartment and the job of your dream in the city which you can’t afford.  It’s impossible to feel comfortable when taxes and tent paying take the greatest part of your salary. That’s why before hiring a moving company it’s recommended to get to know everything about prices in the area you are moving to.

The following information is useful for those who want to become the residents of Orlando, Florida. The city attracts thousands of newcomers every year. People are surprised by the wonderful scenery of the area. Moreover, it’s home of  Disney World. Who has never dreamt to live in the fairy-tale? However, you should understand that visiting and being a resident of Orlando are two absolutely different things. There is a list of things you should pay for living in Orlando.

  1. Food.

Orlando is located in the heart of Florida. It’s real kids’ paradise. That’s why there is definitely no lack of diverse cafes and restaurants. The most expensive ones are based within the theme parks. If you want to save money, it’s better to find a cozy eatery far from theme parks. The budget breakfasts cost about $6-12 while an average bill for dinner is about $8-15.

  1. Housing.

Perhaps, like other cities, housing takes the greatest part of your income. As the world- known Disney World is just by hand, it’s rather expensive to rent accommodation. The price depends upon the total square of the dwelling, available furniture, location. The monthly rent starts at $900. The average price is about $1,300.

  1. Utilities.

You can’t live without using electricity, heating, gas, water, etc. You should be ready to pay up to $200 for one person per month.

  1. Public transportation.

Thanks to often traffic jams, sometimes it’s better to commute with the help of public transportation. The taxi prices may vary according to the situation on the road. It’s more profitable to get a monthly pass. It costs about $50.

  1. Health care.

Expensive health care is a reason why you should think about your insurance in advance. Sometimes, when you are moving out of state, you have to refresh your insurance or get the new one. Otherwise, you should be ready to pay up to several thousand dollars for surgery and emergency dept visit costs about $1000.

  1. Taxes.

In Florida, there are no state income taxes. Still, you have to pay sales taxes and property taxes.

  1. Education.

This question is very important for those who move with the family. There is a wide net of educational establishments both public and private in Orlando. The private secondary education is reasonably compared to other states.

  1. Entertainment.

Orlando is a tourist center of whole America. That’s why visiting cinemas, theaters, diverse shows, and theme parks is a quite expensive pleasure. Still, there are numerous resident cards available. With their help, you can save up to 20-30 % the entertainment.

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In conclusion, it should be noticed that Orlando, Fl, is a good destination for those who are looking for a new home town. When it comes to costs of living, the city is on the 49th position among its 77 counterparts in the USA so it’s quite possible to enjoy living in Orlando.