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Make Your House Look Gorgeous! House Exterior Ideas

Our house is a place where we spend a lot of time. After hard working days or summer vacation, we are always glad to return to our household. The dirty windows and disordered lawn are definitely not the things you want to see first. There are several tips that will help you to make your house exterior look pretty and keep it in order.

  1. Divide it!

First thing you have to do is to make up a list of things you want to see in front of your house or on the backyard. The following variants are available:

  • dining zone;
  • relaxing spot;
  • playground for kids;
  • the real gardener’s corner.

It’s important to divide the area into several zones. Being arranged in a specific order, such zones make your house look neat and cozy.

  1. House exterior coloring.

If your budget is strictly limited and you can’t afford fundamental changes, there is a way to transform the exterior. To improve your curb appeal, you have to do nothing but change its coloring. However, it would be blindingly difficult to choose the proper paint.

Professional landscapers decide to opt for a color theme that is able to unite the entire design. It’s a common mistake to paint the whole building one color. In such a case your dwelling looks dull and boring. It’s recommended to highlight the following elements with other colors:

  • siding;
  • window and door trim;
  • front door;
  • shutters.

The most popular colors are gray in all shades, beige, white, green, and navy blue. Of course, you can choose bright colors like red, yellow or violate. They definitely are able to color your world. At the same time, you should keep in mind that you will have to renew such painting more often than that of light shades.

  1. Landscaping is important.

It’s up to you to create the first-rate and eye-catching exterior design. In order to do it you have to rearrange the following natural elements of the landscape:

  • plants and vegetation;
  • timber;
  • small water pools or streams;
  • stone;
  • landforms.

You can add brick, metal or glass elements to emphasize some parts of your house exterior.  You can use flowerbeds to indicate the pathway. Trees and bushes are perfect for enframement. You should remember that green is always favorable. It helps to create a welcoming look aesthetic appeal to the building.

House Exterior Ideas

  1. Don’t forget about the lighting.

The backyard is a perfect place to spend your spare time and enjoy spring evenings. However, you should see what you are actually doing. Without proper outdoor lighting, it’s almost impossible. There are the following types of exterior lighting you can use:

  • wall mount;
  • spot lights;
  • chandeliers;
  • ceiling mounts are typical for entryway;
  • landscape lighting that serves 2 main functions – safety and decoration.

In conclusion, it should be highlighted that the appealing exterior of your house creates your mood. It’s up to you to make extremely pretty and cozy.