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Moving from California to New York: The List of Must-Stops

Relocation from California to New York is a decision of brave people. To get to the destination, you have to cross the whole country. When you hire professional movers, you can buy plane tickets and reach the aim just in a few hours.

Yet, you are traveling by car you have to think about the best route from one state to another. It’s a challenging task. The total distance is about 2,914 miles. the trip takes approximately 43 hours if driving without stops. Everyone understands it’s impossible. The journey seems to be exhausting and awful. it’s up to you to make it not only smooth and easy but even joyful. You have a great opportunity to visit the most appealing and interesting places in the country. Why not use a chance? The following ideas may be useful to you.

Is it worth using magic OK, Google help?

The easiest way to make up the route is to use the Internet. The modern online maps have a wide range of available and useful functions. They can define where you are and when you should turn left or right. However, such a trip may be extremely boring. You have to follow strict instructions. It’s possible to stop for lunch or rest in the locations which you are passing by. The possibility to find something interesting is miserable.

There is a perfect way out. It’s worth visiting some traveling forums and maps the most appealing locations. You can use both printable or online maps. After the route is ready, you may be astonished by the fact that the trip takes far more than 43 hours. Experienced travelers can cover it within 8-10 days. If it’s your first journey, it may take up to a month, especially if you are driving with small kids.

The places you can’t but should visit

You want to see more than roadside drive-ins and motels. You are going to cross the country. It would be a great mistake not to visit its famous attraction, Grand Canyon. Even a small excursion needs some time. You can devote to this landmark at least a couple of hours. It’s better if you can spend there a couple of days.

The next stop may be Mount Rushmore. It’s a world-known memorial. Being a popular tourist destination, the place has many attractions and amusements. For instance, you can savor Thomas Jefferson’s Ice cream or walk the Presidential Trail. Yellowstone National Park is located in Montana. It’s hard to find more breathtaking views anywhere else.

The numerous flea markets are out of the question. You can find there a lot of cheap and useful items for your new house.

If talking about the road, I-40 is the most preferable one. It’s better to avoid I-20 and I-10 between May and October. In summer, it’s possible to choose I-70 and I-80 while in fall and autumn it’s better to look for other variants.

To sum it up, it should be mentioned that moving from California to New York takes a lot of time, energy, and nerves. You can’t cope without profound preparation. It’s better to start as soon as possible.

Ideas about the Route from California to New York