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10 Rules of Trouble Free Moving from Texas to Washington State

The Pacific Northwest state is one of the most popular places to relocate to. There are significant reasons that make Washington so favorable destination among the Americans and foreigners. The main advantages of relocation are the following:

  • the booming marketplace. The state welcomes engineers, aviators. and IT specialists;
  • friendly neighborhood. The diverse population of the state is one of its remarkable features. They say, more than 55 languages are spoken there. It means that you can easily find an appropriate community to live in;
  • wonderful sceneries are a point of pride for the locals. Nature is amazing in Washington. You can find almost everything you want: mountains, ocean, parks, and green areas.

However, despite all of the advantages, the relocation from Texas to Washington State can become a real torture for you. In order to make the process of moving as smooth as possible, it’s recommended to follow 10 common rules. They based on the practical experience of the professional moving companies.

  1. Be ready for substantial costs. Moving itself is a rather expensive adventure. You have to pay movers for packing, loading, transferring, and uploading all your belongings. Of course, you can do all these things by yourself. However, you are risking not to survive the relocation. The process takes too many efforts, time, and nerves.
  2. Planning is one of the most crucial points you should take into account. If you are going to move from Texas to Washington within a couple of days, you will be definitely disappointed because it is impossible. You have to plan every stage of relocation carefully and overlook all the details.
  3. Choose only trustworthy moving companies. It wouldn’t be great if your mover just didn’t arrive at the Big Day. In order to avoid such problems, you have to choose companies with great working experience. It would be great to talk with other satisfied (or unsatisfied) clients and to get some guarantees.
  4. You might have an extremely long and energy consuming trip. Unless you are going to move by plane, you should be ready to send about 22 hours driving a car. It’s better to think about some rest during the moving. You can book a room in the hotel or experience couch surfing.
  5. Rent a new dwelling in advance. No matter what city within the Washington State you are moving in, it’s better to find a room beforehand. It’s not so easy to find an appropriate dwelling quickly.
  6. Start searching for a new job as soon as possible. The living costs in the Washington state are really significant. Unless your parents are millionaires, you have to earn money. Otherwise, you’d have not a good time.
  7. Don’t be surprised by the tax rates. Texas is considered to be a tax haven. The situation is absolutely different in Washington. You should be ready to pay for everything. It’s interesting but the lower income you get the larger tax costs you should pay.
  8. Weather conditions do matter. The mild weather conditions attract a lot of people, At the same time, it may drizzle for ages. You should fix your wardrobe and stock warm clothes, as well.
  9. Multiculturalism is not a problem. People from all over the world choose Washington state for living. You get a great opportunity to widen your outlook and get acquainted with diverse cultures.
  10. Get used to drinking coffee all the time. Yep, the typical morning starts with a cup of coffee. People are drinking it everywhere. If you are coffee-addicted, Washington State is definitely the best place for you.

Moving from Texas to Washington State

To sum it up, it should be noticed that moving is always stressful especially when it comes to long distance relocation. However, it helps you to gain valuable experience and enjoy new locations.