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Things You Should Consider When Moving to New Jersey

There is a common misconception that moving to New York isn’t a very good idea. It’s because of widespread stereotypes about the state. Popular TV shows like “The Jersey Shore” and “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” create a deceptive image of the area. However, there are no real reasons to be afraid of moving to the Garden State. Moreover, the region offers a lot of peculiarities you can find nowhere but in New Jersey. Are you interested? The following information can be useful for those who are just thinking about or are about to move to New Jersey.

  1. Awesome natural beauty.

Perhaps, it’s a paradise for the fans of nature. You can find wandering reviews and stunning mountains, various trails and a barrier island within the area. Although the region is considered to be one of the most populated in America, there are wide territories dedicated to protecting the ecosystems. You should definitely visit the well-known among the photographers Duke Farms Buttermilk Falls.

  1. 130 miles of Atlantic coast.

If you like to spend your free time laying on the sandy beaches, New Jersey is exactly what you need. The region has hundreds of beaches with various setting. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, surfing,  and fishing.

  1. Relatively low level of noise pollution.

It’s a weird thing but being the 11th most populous area, New Jersey is almost noise-free. It means you are not overwhelmed with those blaring sirens or honking car horns. It’s quite a common thing to enjoy the birds chirping.

  1. Local farmers markets.

There is definitely no lack of fresh products. The numerous farms provide the locals not only with eco-friendly and natural vegetables and berries but also with working places. If you are a great fan of working the land, it’s the perfect variant for you.

  1. The cost of living.

It’s recommended to move to the Garden State if you have already found a new job. The thing is you have to pay pretty much money for renting the dwelling there. It’s the 6th most expensive state in America.

The taxes are kind of a sore subject for the locals. However, it’s possible to save up to  3.5 percent of your income if you live and work in the state.

  1. The best schools.

This criterion is very important for families with children. There are ones of the best schools in the whole country in the state.

  1. There are no problems with the accent.

Some of the people who are about to move to New Jersey are afraid of the awful local accent. Actually, there is no such problem, it’s a myth. Of course, people sound different. Yet, it doesn’t matter that you won’t understand your neighbors or colleagues.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that rich culture and a great assortment of cafes and restaurants make the state comfortable and interesting to live in. You will never have a problem with locations where to go out or spend free time.

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