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10 Things You Should Do Before Movers Ring the Doorbell

Hiring a moving company is a good way to get rid of many troubles. The professionals can pack all your belongings, load them in the truck, and transfer to your new house. However, it doesn’t matter that there is absolutely nothing to do for you. There is a list of things you can do by yourself to save time and money.

  1. Prepare important documents

Relocation is time and energy-consuming process. The situation when you lose important documents while moving can be really critical. You should expand extra efforts. That’s why it’s better to gather all the important documents in one place. You should take a passport, social security card, birth certificate, driving license, guarantees, and recipes.

  1. Sort your belongings

It’s not the task of movers to sort or arrange your stuff. In order to keep everything in order, you have to sort all the things properly. Damaged, broken, and unneeded items are not to take with you. You should throw them away. It’s also possible to donate unneeded things which are in good conditions.

  1. Get rid of chemicals

Every relocation company has its own list of prohibited things to relocate. You have to get to know what items are forbidden and get rid of them. You may leave such items to your relatives or neighbors.

  1. Think about a parking place

The movers usually reserve the parking spot. However, you should control it and inform the authorities that you are relocating. The same is true about the elevator. In order to avoid conflicts with ex-neighbors, it’s worth hanging a precaution.

  1. Empty furniture and appliances

It’s recommended to check is all drawers, cupboards, and appliances are empty. Otherwise, it’s possible to damage your stuff.

  1. Label your property

Nobody likes labeling. People consider it to be boring and time-consuming. However, you definitely should label your belongings. It helps to avoid mess and muddle. Moreover, you won’t have problems when unpacking boxes. It’ll be easy to find everything you need.

  1. Gather “Essential Box”

The list of essentials may include personal and health care items, medicines, and documents. You may prepare beverages and snacks as well. It’s necessary to take the clothing shift, too.

  1. Measure doorways

The movers should understand whether they need to rearrange the furniture or not. Of course, they can make all measurements by themselves. It will take extra time. As a result, your final bill will increase.

  1. Think about children and pets

While packing and loading items, the movers can hurt kids or pets. The best variant is to hire sitters for them or leave them with relatives or friends.

  1. Stock packing supplies

As a rule, professional movers have necessary packing supplies with them. Yet, the tape or bubble wrap can run out suddenly. That’s why you should have extra supplies.

To conclude, you have to remember that movers are humans, too. Relocation is a hard and energy-consuming process. If you prepare beverages and drinks for the crew, movers will be grateful to you.

Things to Do before Movers Arrive