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10 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Moving

The packing fever is well-known to everyone who has ever experienced relocation. You have to box up thousands of items. It’s almost impossible to forget anything. An interesting thing is that people tend to leave the same things. If you want to avoid the common mistakes and pack absolutely all stuff, you should get acquainted with the following list. It includes the items which people often forget during the relocation.

  1. Documents and personal records

It’s a weird fact but people often forget documents although they are perhaps the most important items you need. It happens because homeowners to leave personal records unpacked in order to use them. Moreover, they are needed during the relocation especially when it comes to out of state moving. The main documents are:

  • Social Security Card;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Title to your vehicle;
  • Guarantees, recipes, and manuals;
  • Tax documents;
  • Medical records.

It’s better to gather all the documents and put them into the “essential box”.

  1. Spare (or main) keys

It happens quite often that people forget nor only keys but they even don’t lock the door. It may lead to serious problems. If you rent the house, you have to leave all the keys to the homeowner or local authorities. By the way, don’t forget to take the keys to your new dwelling, too!

  1. Medications

The first aid kit should be also placed into the “essential box”. In addition to your regular peels, it’s better to add medicines for sleep, pain, and anxiety.

  1. Mails and bills

People often forget to check their mailbox before leaving the house. However, you should definitely do this. Who knows, perhaps, you’ve won the lottery?

  1. Gardening tools

Only a few homeowners tend to gather all gardening tools in one place. As a rule, they are scattered over the garden, garage, and even house. It will be difficult to pick up the same ones. Moreover. they are not cheap.

  1. Umbrella

When relocating, people want the weather to be OK. However, it may rain. You can put your umbrella aside in order not to get wet and then just forget about it.

  1. Trash and recycle bins

You tend to box them up in the last turn because there is always something to throw away. then the movers arrive and you forget about the bins.

  1. Chargers and plugins

Nowadays we can’t live a single day without a smartphone or tablet. Very often, we charge the phones during packing the things and then take only the gadget without charges. Of course, it’s possible to buy a new one but it requires time and money.

  1. Favorite toys of your kids

Do you want to experience the greatest child’s’ tantrums? Then it’s worth forgetting the favorite toys of the youngsters. To cope with this problem, you can engage kids in the packing process.

  1. Valuables

Many people tend to hide their valuables in the most unexpected places. Afterward, they forget about them when relocating. You should make a list of things to pack in order not to lose the ring of your granny, for instance.

To conclude, it should be noticed that the list of forgotten things can be endless. If you want to be among the few people who forget nothing, it’s better to check the house twice before you lock the door.

Don’t Forget These Items During Relocation