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Safe and Sound: Tips to Relocate Fragile Stemware

When it comes to relocation, nobody wants to get his or her stuff damaged. There are many precaution rules the movers follow. Transferring the fragile items such as china sets or wine glasses is of primary importance. It’s not a good idea to pack such things with other belongings. Moreover, they are to be packed in a peculiar way. It’s important to understand why it’s so difficult to pack fragile objects. There are some reasons:

  • glass is a very crumble material. It’s enough the only single careless gesture to break the piece;
  • the glass articles have unusual forms. Their long stems make it complicated to put the things in usual containers.

You can get to know how to do it if you have to cope with it on your own.

  1. Stock the necessary packing supplies

Alongside with common carton boxes and bubble wrap you require to prepare cell pack, packing and tissue materials, tape, scissors, and permanent felt pen.

  1. Allocate sufficient time

Boxing up fragile pieces is not a piece of cake. You have to do everything carefully and precisely. That’s why you require a definite amount of time. It’s not a variant to pack highballs in a hassle. It’s recommended to organize your time in such a way so you will be able to devote the whole evening to this process. Otherway, you risk smashing the stuff.

  1. Choose the proper packing carton

It’s a big mistake to think that the bubble wrap is exactly what you need. The truth is it’s the wrong material to relocate the stemware especially when it comes to old-fashioned models. The objects damage the wrap and stay unsaved. Instead of it, you need cardboard inserts and a lot of plain white wrapping paper.

Newspapers aren’t the right choice as well. They are able to dirty up the stemware and you’ll need hours to wash them up. You have to pay attention to the search of the container, too. It shouldn’t be small and, at the same time, there should be free space left inside.

  1. Wrapping is the key element

The main thing you have to remember about boxing up wine glasses is that you are to put them horizontally. You have to roll the items into the proper paper.  Then you are to repeat the procedure. One object needs 5-6 sheets of paper.

  1. Right boxing up

It’s not a good idea just to place wrapped stemware into the container. It’s worth covering the bottom with packing paper. If you possess cardboard inserts, you have to place one thing into one insert. When you finish boxing up the stemware, there will be free space left inside the pack. You should fill it with paper, too.

  1. Label the box

It’s very important to leave the caution on the carton. You can just write “Fragile” on the surface. You should inform the movers that your belongings include fragile items.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that it’s your responsibility to keep your stuff safe and sound.

How to Relocate Stemware