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Clearing out a closet before the relocation

Closets are an eternal nightmare of any relocation company. There is definitely no single thing the movers have found there. As a rule, we tend to store all our clothes and shoes there. We are constantly adding item by item on the shelves. However, when the time for clearing out comes, we are astonished by a number of things placed in the closet. No matter what type of wardrobe you possess. It may be a reach-in or walk-in models but it’s the most cluttered place in the whole house.

Most people make one and the same mistake. Wardrobes are the last place to be cleared out. You think there is nothing difficult to do and decide to pack your attire on the last day before the move. Suddenly it appears to be not so easy to do. You need more time, more packing suppliers, more energy, and more nerves. There is a number of easy rules that will help you to avoid the damage or loss of your clothes and even to save some money.

Get started in advance

You don’t definitely want to stay without your favorite shoes or to get a couple of scratches on your new leather jacket. However, it may happen if you just grab your belongings in one pile or wrap attire in a hurry. You need at least a couple of days to cope with the content of your closet.

Empty the closet thoroughly

The next thing to do is to get everything out from your wardrobe. You have to check every shelf and container before you finish the clearing out. Very often, people leave one boot on the lower shelf and the second one is moved to a new dwelling. In order to avoid such troubles, you should empty the closet step by step. It’s better to start from the top and move to the upper shelves.

Cleaning is a must

After no single item left in your closet, it’s the best time to clean it. You have to dust the surface and scrub the floor. It’s a good wake to ensure that you miss some stuff while clearing out.

Sorting is of primary importance

When you can see all your belongings, you can start sorting them. You can experience several ways to do it. It’s recommended to select clothes according to one of the following criteria:

  • You may put winter clothes in marked box and summer – in another;
  • In order to make the process of packing as easy as possible, you can sort the things according to their size;
  • You can divide your clothes into so many parts as there are members of the family. It would be comfortable to unpack everything;

The next criteria to sort all attire is the level of necessity. It means that you should understand whether you need this or that thing or not. If not, it’s better to throw it away immediately. If you are not sure, you make think once more time. You should understand that you shouldn’t relocate absolutely all attire. The moving is a good reason to get rid of unneeded, old-fashioned and weird items.

Packing of belongings

The best way to pack all the apparel properly is to hire professional movers. They have great experience and can do it with their eyes closed. If you prefer to do it by yourself, you have to store packing suppliers. The perfect variant is special wardrobe boxes. They are created to move clothes.

Clearing out a closet

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that there are no impossible tasks when relocating. Clearing out the closet is only one step to moving in a new dwelling. It’s up to you to take care of your belongings.