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Is It Worth Moving to Virginia? 10 Things You Should Keep in Mind

No matter what the reasons for your relocation are, you’ll never regret the relocation to Old Dominion. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t know that it’s the nickname of Virginia, the birthplace of a nation. Everyone, who calls the state home, is proud of its rich history and amazing opportunities it provides to residents. If you are still doubting whether it’s worth moving to Virginia or not, you should consider the following 10 things about the state.

  1. Excellent weather conditions.

Sometimes it happens that it’s impossible to find an ideal place of living for the whole family while parents like snow and children prefer sunny days. It’s not a problem anymore if you are going to move to Virginia. There are four distinct seasons in the region you can savor. It’s possible to enjoy snowy winter and rest on the beaches during the summer holidays.

  1. Amazing beauty.

There is no lack of wonderful landmarks in the region. You can enjoy both the roar of the ocean and the draw of the mountains. The most famous natural places of interest include Natural Bridge, Natural Tunnel State Park, Burkes Garden, Great Falls Park, etc. The breathtaking views make you fall in love with each corner of the region.

  1. Strong economy.

It’s one of the main reasons why thousands of people move to Virginia every year. Even the most severe economic crashes have only a slight influence on the economy of the state. There are various sources of income.

  1. Cost of living.

The first time you come to Virginia you can’t but notice the high standards of living with the corresponding costs of living. If you are going to buy a house, you should keep in mind that the price differs from place to place. The most expensive cities are Falls Church, Alexandria while the cheapest ones are  Norfolk and Newport News.

  1. Perfect educational opportunities.

If you are moving with kids, you don’t need to worry about their education. There are about 200 higher educational establishments in Virginia. The greater part of them has the highest rankings in the whole country.

  1. Awesome healthcare system.

The best hospitals are situated in the area. There is no lack of doctors while the patient ratio is one of the highest all over the country.

  1. Low taxes.

The state has a progressive income tax system. In comparison with other states, the taxes are not high. The region is retirement-tax friendly, too.

  1. Stunning cuisine.

You can hardly find the better wine and cheese whenever else but in Virginia. You may be surprised to get to know that there are more than 230 vineyards in the area. The local peanuts and ham are mouth-watering.

  1. Booming cultural life.

Festivals are everywhere. If you want to enjoy interesting celebrations there is no need to go to the big cities. Festivals are organized in small villages and towns. There are a lot of sports events, too.

  1. The Internet is here.

It sounds weird but about 70% of the total Internet traffic is concentrated in the data centers of the region. It means you won’t worry about the bad Internet speed.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that Virginia is one of the most confident and convenient places to live in.

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