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Long-Distance Move with Kids: Interesting Ideas on How to Have

A lot of parents, who have never before experienced the long-distance move with children, do the same mistake. They think their kids will look out of the car window all the time. Yet, the fascinating views are not exactly what the minors need. If you do not come up with the perfect entertainment for your kids, your trip will turn into a catastrophe.

Things to Do Before the Move

It’s very important to prepare your children for long driving. The thing is that such kind of adventures is very exhausting even for adults, not to mention the children. It’s up to you to explain to the little ones why you are moving and how much time it takes. You have to pay special attention to the safety rules. It’s a cool idea to offer your kids to prepare the map of the journey. Nowadays you can hardly find a kid who can’t work with the Net. You can propose the minors to find eateries to have a snack at or local landmarks which are worth visiting.

The next thing to do is to gather essential bags for children. You should prepare a lot of snacks, water, the shift of clothes. You need to put medicines and documents, too. The favorite toys of your minors are the best way to make the driving easier.

After the preps are finished, you have to think about the very driving. It’s better to start as early as possible. It’s a good idea to time the move when the kids are asleep. Yet, you should be ready to drive through the night. It’s not an exciting experience and you can experience it only if you are sure in your driving skills.

In-Car Activities and Games

The easiest way to make move fun is stock coloring pages, puzzles, and game pages your children will use. They will entertain your little ones for a couple of hours. Yet, if you need to drive up to a day, it’s better to prepare entertainment.

It’s not a good idea to take board games while there is no place to play with them. Moreover, it’s quite possible to lose small details. That’s why it’s better to choose variants which need minimum pieces. There is the list of possible variants:

  • Road Trip Bingo. You need to prepare grids for each player. The task is to cross out five objects in a row. The player who crosses 5 rows first is a winner. The objects may be different: Stop Sign, Highway, McDonald’s, Police Car, House, Billboard, etc.
  • Going on a Trip. It’s not only an amusing but also an educational game. The first player starts a sentence like “I’m going on a trip and pack water..”. The next one continues “I’m going on a trip and pack water and snacks..”
  • Count Yellow Cars. It’s very easy and time-killing activity. You have to count as many as possible yellow (red, green, small, large, etc.) cars.

The next point you have to keep in mind is the necessity of frequent stops. It’s not only about visiting the eateries. The ideal variant is to take 20-25 minutes breaks every 1,5-2 hours.

In conclusion, it should be stressed out that a long-distance move with infants is quite possible, you should only plan it properly.

Children During the Long-Distance Move