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Why Moving to Hawaii is a Really Good Idea

Only rare Americans don’t want to spend their vacations in Hawaii. It’s a mini paradise within the country. The breathtaking beauty of nature, remarkable cultural life, and astonishing customs attract thousands of tourists every year. Some of them decide to change their lives radically and stay in Hawaii. If you are thinking about moving to this fantastic land, there are some important things you have to take into account.

Amazing weather conditions

You don’t need your jacket anymore. There are over 300 days of the sun every year. Actually, it’s a reason why the residents of the island are so happy. They receive an extra-large dose of the vitamin D that affect serotonin level in the brain. As a result, their mood improves.

However, you should keep in mind that alongside with dry season, there is also a rainy season. It lasts from November to March. Yet, it’s still warm there. Moreover, the change in weather conditions brings great waves. It’s no wonder why Hawaii is considered to be the paradise for surfers.

The cost of living

It’s not a piece of cake to find a well-paid job offer on the island. At the same time, the cost of living is rather high. Buying or renting a house may cost you a real fortune. It should be noticed, however, that prices differ from place to place. Hilo is one of the cheapest areas to live in while Waipahu is the most expensive one.

Utilities are expensive, too. The heat and humidity play a bad joke upon the residents of the state. If you don’t want to get the heatstroke, you have to use air conditioners all the time. As a result, you get meters-long bills for electricity.

By the way, driving a car is costly, too. If compare with the rest of the country, it takes you to pay almost two times more for gas. That’s why public transportation is very popular there.

The paradise for nature-lovers

The outstanding sandy beaches are off the charts. It’s hard to find a person who wouldn’t like to spend his or her free time there. The emerald-green mountains attract adventurers from all over the globe. The state offers a wide range of diverse natural wonders. You can’t but fall in love with cascading waterfalls of Napali Coast, panoramic views of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and Leahi – an iconic symbol of Hawaii.

Rich cultural life

When your plane lands in the airport, the first word you hear is the world-famous “Aloha”. You haven’t stepped on the land yet but have already poured into the incredible culture of the state. The islands are steeped with cultural heritage and history. The active lifestyle is the first thing you pay attention to when visiting the state. Everyone has a favorite kind of water sports. Various festivals and celebrations are held annually.

The relaxing atmosphere alongside with smiling locals makes Hawaii one of the most desirable places to live in. It’s definitely worth moving to. If you don’t appreciate it, there is always a possibility to come back. However, only a few actually do it.

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