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Choosing the Right Truck for Relocation: Helpful Tips and Lifehacks

What picture do you imagine first when thinking about relocation? The piles of clothes everywhere, dozens of empty and full boxes throughout the home, and endless tape are the essential attributes of moving. You and the house are in the packing chaos. If you think that your problems finish with the last packed box, you are wrong.

If you don’t hire professional movers, it’s up to you to find the best roust, reserve parking lot, and pick up the truck of the appropriate size. The last task is not so easy as it may seem to be. It’s also a mistake to think that you need no van and you can get along only with your car. Such misunderstanding often leads to extra payments and many troubles. If you want your relocation will be smooth and without problems, you have to pay special attention to choosing the right vehicle.

The first thing you should do is to decide what items you are going to move. When it comes to downsizing, it’s clear that you need a smaller vehicle. It’s important to make the list of things you should transport. It’s not enough just to write “cupboard” or “washing machine”. You have to measure their overall sizes. Don’t forget to take into account the box! It’s a common mistake of inexperienced movers. The wrapping takes some room.

The next step is to choose the kind of van. There are two possible variants of how rental companies differ vehicles. The first one is by the number of bedrooms. The second one is by cubic feet. It’s up to you to decide what is more convenient for you.

The Main Types of Moving Vans

There are 8 main types of moving trucks you can find. They are:

  • Cargo van;
  • Pickups;
  • 10-foot truck;
  • 14-foot sample;
  • 17-foot model;
  • 20-foot example;
  • 24-foot variant;
  • 26-foot type.

The first three kinds are good for transporting small apartment with 1 bedroom. It’s possible to move up to 5-6 pieces of large furniture and about 50 boxes. If you have 20bedroom room and have to relocate up to 10 large items and 100 boxes, you need the variant of 14-17 feet in length. When it comes to huge dwelling, it’s better to use 10-26-foot types.They can carry up to 15 large items and 150 boxes. By the way, it’s necessary to pay attention to the total weight of your possession, as well as needed space.

Nowadays there are many available online services which can help you to pick up the needed variant. Still, it’s better to consult with your local rental company. The specialists help you to make the right choice. You shouldn’t forget about the additional coverage of your possessions.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that if you still doubt what type of moving vehicle you need, it’s better to choose the larger one.

How to Choose a Truck for Moving