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Tired of Noisy Megalopolis? Meet 10 Best Small American Cities to Live In

Huge urban areas like New York, Los Angeles or Washington attract thousands of people every year. The countless job opportunities, well-developed infrastructure, and diverse entertainment services are exciting. However, visiting big cities differs greatly from living there.  There are some disadvantages that are able to make your life in a big apple real torture:

  • the high cost of living. You have to pay a fortune for a tiny dwelling in a decent area of the city;
  • crowds everywhere. You are always surrounded by people, by a huge amount of people;
  • Smog is a sad reality of urban areas. It’s a real challenge to find fresh air:
  • high crime rate. The larger population is the higher crime rate is. Large metropolises attract burglars and robbers as well.

All these disadvantages make small towns popular places to live in. However, it would be a mistake to consider all small cities as better ones for living. There is a list of best 10 variants to satisfy even the most demanding person.

  1. Hood River, Oregon.

The breathtaking views of the area make you fall in love with the town. Portland is only in an hour drive. The rent fees are quite reasonable. The mild weather conditions are perfect for living. The most popular entertainments include hiking, mountain biking, and kitesurfing.

  1. Newport Beach, CA

Who has never dreamt to live next to the ocean? This charming area is for those who like high temperatures and surfing.

  1. Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Perhaps, there are no other towns in the US that have got so many parks and gardens. This town can be considered to be one of the greenest. It’s a perfect place for those who have weak health. The pollution is not so terrible there.

  1. Asheville, North Carolina

Even the youngsters appreciate this town. The rich cultural life and friendly locals easily gain popularity among people.

  1. Key West, FL

You will find epic sunsets, exciting architecture, and amazing seafood restaurants in this small but superb spot. The pace of life is calm and relaxing. The infrastructure is well-developed, so you should not worry about childcare or healthcare services.

  1. Beacon, NY

If you think that life is frozen in small towns, you have never been to Beacon. It’s a forward-thinking little city that provides its residence with work, amusement, and safety.

  1. Durango, CO

You would never be bored with this adventurous location. It’s a perfect place for living for those who are fond of outdoor activities. Moreover, the town possesses extra convenient public transportation system and infrastructure.

  1. Valley, Alabama

It’s a wealthy location with low cost of living. The city is still developing that’s why you’ll have no problems with a new job.

  1. Ketchikan, Alaska

This tiny city is situated in a picturesque location. Its typical rural style of living is combined with contemporary entertainment options.  The interesting fact is that the mortality rate in the city is one of the lowest within the country.

  1. Batesville, Arkansas

The city attracts newcomers with its low taxes, affordable prices, and friendly locals. There are many attractions for youngsters as we as for oldies.

In conclusion, it should be noticed that it’s up to you to choose the proper place for living. You have to consider too many factors. However, you should remember that you can relocate anytime you want.

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