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Professional Movers vs Friends: Consider Pluses and Minuses

Moving is an adventure you can’t experience alone. You would need someone to help. There are two possible variants: professional movers or friend relatives. This choice isn’t easy because each variant has its pluses and minuses. The following information will be useful for those who are breaking their heads over the right choice.

When it’s worth choosing the professional movers

Nowadays there are so many various relocation companies whose specialists are ready to cope with moving of any complexity in no time. A wide range of available options can make you go crazy. There is nothing the guys can’t pack or move. If you have to relocate an extra expensive or complicated item, you should hire experts. They know how to arrange or rearrange any piece of furniture. Moreover, they know everything about packing materials. With professionals, it’s no longer your problem how to pack fragile china or extra-large wardrobe. Moreover, some relocation companies are ready to deal with such questions as traffic jams, free parking spot, and lift access.

In short, the main advantages of experienced movers are the following:

  • corresponding experience;
  • a wide range of available options;
  • the high speed of the work;
  • they are responsible for your belongings;
  • the use of professional equipment.

However, you can find some significant minuses as for the hiring the relocation crew. The most crucial of them include:

  • relocation services are not free. You have to pay for the crew. The final bill may be rather significant. You have to understand you pay for every service the crew members provide. It means packing, logistics, downloading, etc. should be paid for;
  • it takes a lot of time to find an appropriate moving company. Of course, you want to work only with true experts. Such companies have many orders. You should order the services in advance;
  • there is always a possibility of damage. The best idea is to buy insurance.

When it’s worth begging the friends

If you decide to move by yourself, it means sooner or later you’ll beg friends to help you. They can assist you in packing belongings. It’s a great plus. The minus is it may take a lot of time. Why? The endless coffee breaks are the must when it comes to friends’ assistance. Moreover, unlike experienced movers, you won’t have the necessary packing supplies and moving equipment. One of the greatest disadvantages is the possibility of injury. At the same time, two awesome advantages exist. The first one is that you don’t need to pay your companions for help. The second one is that it’s always fun to spend time together.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that the ideal variant is to combine the work of professional movers with the help of your companions. Let the experts do the hardest part of the relocation while friends may take care of your kids or pets.

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